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The Gangbang of Ms. Brooke Wienecke

When Andy War holes was alive instead of dead he made a prediction that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. This prediction has more or less come to fruition. This post focuses on the 15 minutes of Brooke Wienecke.

On a balmy summer evening, Brooke Wienecke strolled the crime-ridden streets of the sorrier-than-sorry shithole that goes by the name of Baltimore, Maryland. Despite carjackings and bag snatchings occuring every which way she looked, she sensed a magic in the air. Something told her that night held something special, something magical – perhaps even something romantic.

Continuing on her journey, she came across a gang of brothers. A convesations was struck up between the 2 parties. Somewhere along the line they all agreed to go somewhere that, while not exactly discreet or private, was not as busy as the busiest part of the city.

She knew she was right about it being a night of romantic magic when the first brother unzipped his jeans and shovelled his throbbing, pulsating meat right into her mouth. Meanwhile, at the other end of her torso, a second brother started travelling from the other end. Interestingly, she had a hole left that, for one reason or another, had no penis in it. We have to raise the possibility that she was unaware of this. She surely wouldn’t have let an orifice go to waste.

During this time, her boyfriend, who sported yet another cock she would be attending to that week, was playing hoops in his parent’s driveway. As far as he was concerned, everything was A-ok, and his precious Brooke was simply out with a girlfriend.

Back at the gangbang, it was more of the same. Like worms into an apple, so the cocks continued to bore their way into Brooke. Some homies recorded the affectionate affair on their cell phones, and were considerate enough to upload it to the web. Our regards!

When Brook staggered through the front door of her house she was showing sign of severe sperm intoxication, which her family mistook for the alcohol variety. She retired to her room where she coughed up a few cum loogies to free the air passages. Finally, sperm-caked and cuntsore, the young rose lay on her bed and fell asleep.

A few day later the brothers uploaded the orgy directly to the boyfriend’s twitter account. His soul was destroyed, especially since it was the gangbangers themselves who informed him and with photos and video.

Anal-ysis Of The Baltimore Gangbang

Despite the gangbang being recorded, many questions remain. Did she drink the sperm of the 12 male participants of the gangbang? Did she drink the sperm of any? Will this gangbang qualify her for the whore of fame?

These questions I will attempt to answer.

Did she drink the sperm of all participants?

We have no evidence that she did or didn’t. However, we do know she jumped into this gangbang on short notice. Brooke showed an intense cock hunger. It’s fair to assume that whenever she thought about cock she licked her lips and slobbered like a bulldog. We can further assume she took a rather large oral dosage of sperm that night, probably up to half a litre. There is a strong chance she suffered a rather brutal case of cum withdrawal in the days that followed.

Did she drink the sperm of any participants?

See question above.

Why does Brooke stick out her tongue in so many of her photos?

I think the immediate assumption of many of those who are asked this question is that she is mimicking the more celebrated sluts like Miley Cyrus. I have my own pet theory however. In many close-up photos of Brooke one notices that she has a bulbous tip to the end of her nose. One might go so far as to say she has a clubbed nose. Thrusting out her tongue alters the appearance of her nose or at least draws attention away from it. In fact, in photos were she does this she comes across as relatively pretty.

Does the gangbang qualify her for the whore of fame?

It certainly does. When must bear in my mind that what many porn actresses do for hundred if not thousands of dollars (gangbangs) she did for absolutely free.

Homosexual Conservative Hates Being White

This is an example of the modern conservative and an example of why an white male with a pair of balls in his pants has no other option but to be a white nationalist:

The article is called ‘If I had a choice, I wouldn’t be a whitey’ (Editor’s note: if his parents had a choice he wouldn’t be a homosexual). The Times only gives a snippet and requires you to sign up to read further, but from what I’ve gleaned elsewhere he talks of how he envied the skin colour of a Sri Lankan.

Speaking as a white man, don’t we have ghastly complexions? Par-baked like those bread rolls you can buy in supermarkets, we look like not quite the finished product. Glancing at the person opposite on the Tube the other day, I thought “if only I could be that colour”.

It’s possible that, being a homosexual, he prefers brown skin because it reminds him of anuses. This may sound funny to some readers, but things work that way. Coke Cola made their bottles to resemble a woman’s body, and lipstick is meant to accentuate the lips to remind men of vaginas. Since homosexuals are enamoured with anuses (they lick and stick their arms up them) he might appreciate the reminder.

My guess, however, is that his incentive in writing the article is more sinister. He is trying to put a happy face on the tragedy Europe is undergoing. With the endless stream of Arabs snaking their way into Europe, it is inevitable that significant polluting of the white gene pool will take place; “but don’t worry” yells this homosexual clown “now we won’t have such pale skin!”. He doesn’t mention that our children won’t be as cute as our current white ones, or that the women will be less attractive. He doesn’t mention that the European IQ, which already trails Japan and other areas of Asia, will dive into the fucking ground. Most perplexingly, he doesn’t mention that as a homosexual he will be a punching bag in this new-and-improved darky Europe.

This clown and saggy baggy Frau Merkel exemplify why modern conservatism is a farce. On social issues they are a mere 2cm to the right of liberals. They are corporation fluffers and nothing more. They deserve our searing hatred.

Cultural Lesson

Our Whiteness and our maleness and our human beingness created the oppression of poor slavery niggers. We oppressed the homosexual with our cis-gendered heteronormative. We did a hegemony. We offended all the niggers. Our whiteness is inherently white. We controlled womynz’ bodies. We controlled their breasts. We made their breasts sexual things. We fucked their wombs and made them pregnant; pregnancy is oppression. We’re committing a war on women. We oppressed the blacks. We dehumanized their niggerdom. We oppressed the gay man with our microaggression . Ronald Reagan gave gays the AIDS. Our whiteness is inherently white. Our whiteness is our imperialism. Our white maleness is a patriarchal privilege. We are inherently inherent. We did a hegemony.

The Holocaust Was Social Justice In Action

There was blatant Jewish privilege in pre-holocaust Germany. Despite making up no more than 1% of the German population between 1871 and 1910, Jews made up 21% of Germany’s millionaires and held 80% of the leading positions in the Berlin stock exchange.

Jews, like John Stewart, who hate oppression and inequality should be ecstatic that the holocaust took place. To the see the underprivileged rise up against the privileged is a wonderful thing.


The Prophet Mohammed Was Not A Pedophile

I have it on good authority he only fucked mature-age goats.

Prophet Mohammed Did A Dirt


The Prophet Mohammed did a poo. It was on the news

Ramadan Started Recently

With the commencement of ramadan, many Muslim are hungry. Fortunately, Muslims can seek out Allah’s approved purple-headed white snake. It lives in my pants and will be happy to shot seed into the mouths of pious Muslims – the female ones anyway.

Today Is World AIDS Day

So we must thank AIDS for taking out all the undesirables. Say “Thanks AIDS” or GTFO.

BTW, why are is the gay pride movement represented by a rainbow flag? Shouldn’t it be represented by a smelly brown flag?