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The Southern Poverty Law Center

July 1, 2012

Prior to the invention of the cybernet the media had a monopoly on information dissemination, and what trickled through to the public was at its discretion. Consequently, the public was justified in being ignorant on many issues. The internet has since undermined the media’s stranglehold on information. Because multiple news sources can be accessed in an instant, the omission of an important story will be quickly recognised and the offending news network will look worse because of it.

Despite this fortunate development, “blind” spots exist. Perhaps the easiest of these for the media to explain away are stories which unravel slowly over time. One such story involves a greasy outfit named the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In speaking to the average citizen on the net, it appears the standard impression of the Southern Poverty Law Center is that of a group of selfless, idealistic legal warriors fighting on behalf of the victimised. The media has been implicit in cultivating this view. Despite the insistence of journalists that their existence is crucial because it results in a properly informed public, the media has fucked up to a colossal degree by failing to cast even a cursory look into the organisation. If I were a more cynical man I might arrive at a more cynical conclusion: that the SPLC and the media have had been in bed from the beginning.

I’ll return to the symbiotic relationship between the media and the SPLC later on, but the assholes under the spotlight here are not those in the media, but those in the SPLC. And the honcho asshole is Morris Dees.

Morris Dees, a lawyer, founded the SPLC about half way through the last century. With an insatiable appetite for riches, he sniffed out a lucrative lead in the Ku Klux Klan, whom he sued to the fuckhousen. But as with a tribe whose unrationed hunting leads to the extinction of the species that is its food source, Dees’ frenzied financial feeding meant the Klan’s account left noting to devour. His needed new prey and a new tactic, and the internet provide them to him. His new angle consisted of coaxing elderly Jews with memories of the war into believing the 13-year-old American History X buffs on Stormfront were firing up the gas ovens for a second instalment of the holocaust. In consistently ratcheting up the dread, he saw the safe door open and the grand Jewish bounty glitter before him.

To be continued…..

Person In Profile

Name: Morris Dees

Age: Old (probably dead within 50 to 70 months)

Career: CEO of SPLC empire

Habit: Poverty palace, eblogger and wordpress (looking at blogs to include “hate group” scare portfolio), step-daughter’s room

Interests: Extramarital affairs, seducing scared step-daughter with vibrator, domestic violence


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  1. Good article. SPLC is a very corrupt org.

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