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On the Most Undignified Death in Human History

April 19, 2015

I sometimes wonder about the relatives of Kenneth Pinyan. How devastating an impact would the nature of his death have on them?

For those who are unaware, Kenneth Pinyan was a 45-year-old aerospace engineer who was buggered to death by a horse. The specific injury which led to his death was a perforated colon. He had met a couple of zoophiles over the internet. Together they snuck into barns at night and engaged in sexual activity with horses, often recording their encounters. Kenneth had been doing this for approximately a year prior to his death.

Ken was only 45 when he died, meaning his parents were probably alive at the time. Furthermore, he had an ex-wife and a young son.

I really can’t imagine being dealt a much crueller hand than finding out a loved one died in this way. Many would say having a relative tortured and/or murdered would be worse, and part of me agrees. On the other hand, at least a person who is murdered retains their dignity. You whole image of a person is shattered once you know he has been butt-fucked by a horse.

I will say more on this intriguing topic in coming posts.

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