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Native Americans Are Not A Pissing, Moaning Minority

June 26, 2015

Women complain about being raped, bashed, and subjugated for thousands of years, yet I have no compassion for them whatsoever.

Blacks complain about being enslaved, lynched, and humiliated for hundreds of years, yet I have no compassion for them whatsoever.

Nor do I have even the slightest feeling of sorrow about Jewish lampshades or gays with AIDS.

Native Americans, on the other hand, don’t piss and moan, even though they have suffered a great deal at the white man’s hands, and I have quite a lot of compassion for them. If there was any “underprivileged” group I would be willing to help, it would be native Americans.

When the empowered woman, the Black, the Jew, and the homosexual congregate to have one of their weekly bitchfests, a powerful white male CEO should approach the microphone and say “I have heard your concerns and I think I have a proposal that will make you very happy. We are going to donate $100 billion dollars over the next decade to the improving the status of the underprivileged” and when they start hollering or throwing jazz hands, he continues “$99 billion of which will be going exclusively to Native American communities.”

This is the word of the Lord.

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