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Homosexual Conservative Hates Being White

October 27, 2015

This is an example of the modern conservative and an example of why an white male with a pair of balls in his pants has no other option but to be a white nationalist:

The article is called ‘If I had a choice, I wouldn’t be a whitey’ (Editor’s note: if his parents had a choice he wouldn’t be a homosexual). The Times only gives a snippet and requires you to sign up to read further, but from what I’ve gleaned elsewhere he talks of how he envied the skin colour of a Sri Lankan.

Speaking as a white man, don’t we have ghastly complexions? Par-baked like those bread rolls you can buy in supermarkets, we look like not quite the finished product. Glancing at the person opposite on the Tube the other day, I thought “if only I could be that colour”.

It’s possible that, being a homosexual, he prefers brown skin because it reminds him of anuses. This may sound funny to some readers, but things work that way. Coke Cola made their bottles to resemble a woman’s body, and lipstick is meant to accentuate the lips to remind men of vaginas. Since homosexuals are enamoured with anuses (they lick and stick their arms up them) he might appreciate the reminder.

My guess, however, is that his incentive in writing the article is more sinister. He is trying to put a happy face on the tragedy Europe is undergoing. With the endless stream of Arabs snaking their way into Europe, it is inevitable that significant polluting of the white gene pool will take place; “but don’t worry” yells this homosexual clown “now we won’t have such pale skin!”. He doesn’t mention that our children won’t be as cute as our current white ones, or that the women will be less attractive. He doesn’t mention that the European IQ, which already trails Japan and other areas of Asia, will dive into the fucking ground. Most perplexingly, he doesn’t mention that as a homosexual he will be a punching bag in this new-and-improved darky Europe.

This clown and saggy baggy Frau Merkel exemplify why modern conservatism is a farce. On social issues they are a mere 2cm to the right of liberals. They are corporation fluffers and nothing more. They deserve our searing hatred.

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